I2ffs was built for the Freight Forwarding Industry. Due to our long-term relationships with the forwarders as their preferred partners for IT & Infrastructure Support we understand their frustrations in unending enhancements and costs incurred every time an organisation promotes new regulatory or improved system-to-system interfaces which are always “necessary” for the advancement of the industry as a whole.


However – such changes demanded both time and cost from the forwarders which negatively affects both their operations and accounting greatly. In the design of the i2ffs – it was a foundation to ensure that such changes and enhances will be easily deployed – as we have designed in its core to ensure that i2ffs is innovative and able to integrate to the future requirements of the industry.

Overview of i2ffs

We understand the Freight Forwarders are always

looking forward to new technologies which are able

to provide them with the competitive edge.

Sometimes due to legacy systems and fear of the

tedious process of migrating their existing data –

they dare not make the move. We have extensive

experience in the field of DM – Data Migration which

has been gained from more than 20 years of IT

development with most big MNCs and government

and statutory boards in both local and overseas.

This is always the strengths of our team and ensures

the success of many projects.






Thus – fast action even in the event

of IT disaster the users will be able

to function – this is what i2ffs was

designed to do and had won the

users trusts.

Interfaces to industry standard interfaces – CCN, TradeNet and e-Acceptance. 3rd Party

interfaces are easy to integrate based on our experience and our native XML format used.

Integrated and Innovative

i2FFS Features

The i2ffs System has been designed with the innovative deployment of hybrid cloud technology to ensure  high availability and

to provide the users with a continuous availability should there be IT Infrastructural disruptions. In such event either planned

or real – the customers are assured of full operational readiness with some degradation of performance.


Most importantly– there is no reliance on IT Vendors to replace the hard disks, parts or operating patches which are so

common in the industry that resulted in a “Gap of Frustration” between the IT Vendors and the Customers.

HA/CA – High and Continuous availability with Hybrid Cloud technology

Sea Freight importing and exporting though are less frantic as compared to Air Freight. However – the

processing for such shipments are usually very taxing on the documentation with its own full requirements for reports and notes – such as the shipping instruction, arrival notes, delivery order, Bill of Lading.



Sea Freight standard Import/Export BL

are standard features with full generation of Shipping Note, Arrival Note and Trucking Instructions and Delivery Order.

Sea Freight

Air Freight importing and exporting are built-in the i2ffs. Package with all processing handled in the front-end by the operational staff. All transactional

entries are automatically captured into the built-in accounting package for billing and data analysis by the accounting and financial department. IATA standards are complied with for international cargo labeling requirements and airway bill in both physical and electronic form – e-AWB.

Air Freight involving both import and

export are handled efficiently in the

package. With standard Cargo Labels

and electronic submission of FWB/FHL. Fully configurable rules for users’ specific operating requirements and business

rules – this makes the i2ffs quick to

deploy and maintain.

Air Freight

Accounting Package Built-in

Full integrated accounting package with standard organizational requirements for Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, General Ledge and the Financial Reporting including local Singapore GST reporting.

Flexible in-built reporting which are able to export to Excel, PDF, Word and customizable by the users.





The accounting package is built into the i2ffs package. There is no double entries and all transactions are fully

integrated when the users operates the Air/Sea Freight transactions. Full reporting segregation of users are

configurable allowing management and operations to have different reports and queries

Accounting – AR, AP, GL, Financial Reporting

Air Import/Export

Flexible Data Analytics & 3rd Party Export

Incorporated within i2ffs is the full integration to Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet for use for Data Analysis. Standard

features include exporting of Raw Data into Excel, Word, PDF with configurable selections by users. Full raw data

export to 3rd-party tools for further Data Analysis is done with ease without additional changes to the i2ffs system. This makes i2ffs the desirable FFS and accounting tool.


Data Analysis through MS-Excel is in-built. Export to 3rd-party tools for Data Analytics is fully supported without further changes to the i2ffs package.


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