Case Studies

JNESW provides Nokia with the right team of skilled resources to perform data migration from Oracle Financial to SAP/R3. This started in Singapore initially. With our quality proven, we were engaged to replicate the same process in Korea and Japan.


The whole process of system migration from Oracle Financial to SAP/R3 was done over 2 years and JNESW was engaged repeatedly for each of the location in Singapore, Korea and Japan. As the migration team gains momentum after Singapore - both Korea and Japan project was completed within 30 days for each location.  With the tremendous knowledge gained within the Nokia project, JNESW continued to provide Nokia with further development work including XML technology using MS BizTalk complying to the Rosettanet Standards.

JNESW was engaged in the Year 2004 to be the consultant for data migration to the BPS - Botswana Police Service. With JNESW's track records in data migration, the BPS and JNESW's consultants worked to seamlessly planned and executed the critical data migration process over 6 months to ensure the new system will be have all the historical records.


The project involved complete migration from the old legacy ICL mainframe to the newly built Sun Solaris/Oracle based Enterprise Application used by more than 7,000 police officers. The BPS system was officially cut-over on the 8th November 2005.


JNESW was proud to be involved in a mission critical project in Botswana.


JNESW took on the challenge to migrate more than 6 years of proprietary images stored in the very first version of Informix Database to an Open System. Although the incumbent vendor claimed that migration is not possible, JNESW assured MAS with a proof-of-concept and the rest is history.


The Monetary Authority of Singapore had been using a proprietary imaging system for many years. Most of the images were scanned and stored into the Informix database with indexing.


In a tender exercise - the upgrade of the proprietary system to an open-system, there was a need for data migration from the proprietary database to an open-system. JNESW had again proven itself through the whole migration exercise - thus liberating MAS from the proprietary system.

JNESW integrated Tyco's IMMS Integrated Maintenance Management System with our gfWeb engine. In a matter of 2 months the  IMMS becomes web-enabled. This immediately brings their computerised maintenance system to the reach of all their customers and partners throughout Asia.


Tyco's IMMS package is a computerised maintenance management system used throughout Asia. Some of the key users in Singapore are - CAAS - Changi Airport, NUH - National University Hospital, LEO - Land & Estate Organizations under (MINDEF).


Built on the Client/Server model by JNESW since 1997 - it has proven to be a key system that provided Tyco with the competitive edge. However due to changes in business and technological advances, the need for web-enabling becomes a necessity. As JNESW has been a trusted partner for Tyco, in the beginning of Year 2004 - Tyco engaged JNESW to web-enable the IMMS.

With a detailed analysis done by both users and the development team, a rapid development strategy was undertaken. JNESW is proud to be the contributor to this rapid development effort. The whole project was completed within 3 months. The system went live in June 2004.


JNESW was engaged by Walt Disney TV based in Singapore for the development  of the Regional Finance Reporting Application. JNESW provided some core reporting and integration services to the IT team.


The phases were implemented together with the in-house IT team and has since gone online in the 1st quarter of 2006. Again JNESW has proven its capabilities with a World Class leader like Walt Disney and we are proud to be part of the delivery team.

JNESW was engaged by Fujitsu Singapore to develop and implement with its local IT team, the Retail Cluster POS - point of sale system for the premier Takashimaya Shopping Centre in Singapore. JNESW has been Fujitsu's long time partner both in software development and training.


We were proud to be involved in both the phase 1 and phase 2 Retail System. In this project - Fujitsu's SDEM methodology was used throughout the project development life cycle. This high profile project has proven and shown JNESW's team ability to collaborate with Fujitsu.


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